Introducing Mr. Herrmann

Abrianna Schreurs

Mr. Herrmann has always been an honorable figure in the St. Edward community. He is an enthusiastic and well known teacher throughout the school, and a respected individual among his students. However, Mr. Herrmann’s position has recently changed. Previously being the principal of St. Edward in the late 80’s it is not a surprise to any of us that Mr. Herrmann stepped up to take the position of superintendent and principal after the loss of Fr. Edward and the relocation of Fr. DeBlocke. This leaves most of us to wonder what he is currently up to and what new responsibilities he is taking on.

When asked to be principle of St. Edward Mr. Herrmann was taken off guard. “I was surprised. I did not anticipate that.” Herrmann said. His new responsibilities as principle include overseeing the operation of the school which covers everything from the academic aspect to all extracurricular activities. Although the job is stressful Herrmann comments “You hope you can have a positive influence on the students and school itself so you can have a sense of accomplishment.” His current goal is to carry out the course path that Fr. Edward and Fr. Deblocke set for the school. He plans to stay on task and very focused throughout the rest of the year. “For me right now the hardest thing is not having the same kind of opportunity to get to know the students especially the seniors who I primarily taught and I miss that.” Mr. Herrmann will be missed incredibly by all his previous students and we all send our best regards his way. We all tip our hats to him!