New principal joins St. Edward family


Mrs. Woj

Mr. Tekampe is enjoying his first month as the new principal at St. Edward.

Mr. Brian Tekampe is the new principal at St. Edward High School. Before coming to St. Edward, he was the principal at St. Gilbert’s elementary school. Prior to that, he worked as a Spanish teacher at Carmel Catholic High School. This is Mr. Tekampe’s first time being the principal at a highschool. “I was drawn back to high school and Catholic environment,” he said in an interview last week.

Mr. Tekampe went to Catholic school growing up. He went to Marquette University for his Bachelor of Arts and earned his Masters of Arts in Educational Administration from Dominican University.

Mr. Tekampe didn’t want to come into a school and change everything. “It would be unfair to the students and faculty to change it.” He only plans to make changes after he has time to observe and get to know the students and faculty. He made some small changes, like putting TV’s in all the hallways for announcements and he was part of hiring new teachers. “I want to ask everyone to get a better feel before I change anything,” he said.

Every morning when students walk in the main entrance Mr. Tekampe says “good morning” to them. He wants students to feel welcomed and see a friendly face as they begin their day. He wants students to know that he is inviting and can be seen as a person to go to for anything.

Almost every week, our school has either a volleyball, soccer, or football home game in the fall. He wants to try to come see all sports and other extra-curricular activities. Making sure our students feel supported in all their academic and other endeavors is very important to him. He has three children, a 3rd grader, 5th grader and a high school freshman. It looks like it’s going to be a busy year for Mr. Tekampe! Welcome to St. Edward!