All about Ms. White


Ms. Maggie White

After graduating with her Bachelor of Arts in English from Loyola University in Chicago, Ms. White has been teaching for over 16 years. She was drawn to start teaching at St. Edward this year because of the traditions continued throughout the years and the family feeling. 

To Ms. White, “family is number one.” She is an aunt to five nieces and nephews. She loves taking them to the pool, getting them ice cream, and playing toy cars with her nephew, Will. 

Watching sports, going to sporting events, and coaching volleyball are just a few of Ms. White’s favorite hobbies. Ms. White says traveling to Ireland visiting family historical sites was one of her favorite vacations. 

Ms. White wants to remind her students, “don’t take life too seriously” and “you’ll get out what you put out (in school, life, friends, and etc.)”

Ms. White knew she wanted to be an English teacher herself when she was inspired by her sophomore English teacher in high school. She strives in making the content relevant to students’ lives. Ms. White enjoys being able to utilize faith based discussions and morality while teaching in a Catholic school. The small close family community in a smaller Catholic school is a different feeling than the larger community at other schools Ms. White has taught at, including Jacobs High School in Algonquin and Metro Suburban Conference foe Elmwood Park. 

When Ms. White is not teaching she enjoys her summer job at Chicago Teacher in Bucktown, selling teacher supplies.