Miss Weber’s return to the St. Edward family


Annalise Avila, Editor-in-Chief

When Miss Weber was a student at St. Edward, she probably never thought she would end up teaching here one day. But, four years after her high school graduation, she is back at St. Ed’s teaching psychology and US history.

After graduating from St. Edward in 2015, Miss Weber went to Loyola University and majored in psychology. “Going to Loyola shaped everything about who I am, I think,” she explained how grateful she is for her experience there. “It made me a much harder worker, to be able to see the kind of effort that it really takes to be successful in a selective school like that.” 

Psychology is her true passion and she is happy she is able to not only just teach it, but teach at the school she went to. “I get to share the topics I was so excited about and I get to talk about it every day. And I get to work with some of my awesome former teachers who are so much fun.” 

As for her favorite thing about teaching, she enjoys watching her students understand and comprehend what they’re learning. “I love when I can see that kids are actually taking it seriously and learning. When I see that they finally understand something that we’ve been talking about, it’s awesome.” 

Miss Weber is an only child and she lives with her mom. She is close with her extended family as well. She is Catholic and enjoys teaching in a Catholic environment because she is able to talk about God more freely. “You kind of have a lot more freedom and it’s more relaxed, almost, to be able to talk about things like religion.” 

The best advice she has for students is to “put all your effort and put your heart and soul into everything you do.” We are very excited to welcome Miss Weber back to the St. Edward family this year.