Priest sets inspiration for St. Edward


Rachel Hernandez, Reporter

Three years ago, our priest, Father Deitz, came to St. Edward to bring students deeper into their faith and make an inspirational impact on high school students. Not only did he come to serve the mass, but to be our role model at St. Edward High School and help push our faith into a deeper connection with Christ. “ The biggest thing that changed my life was the mass because we look for models everywhere.”

Today, Fr. Deitz is our role model both in the faith and in the classroom. For more than a year, Fr. Deitz has been teaching upperclassmen at St. Edward more about their religion and how much of an impact it has on them. He says that he loves the faith so much, when longtime Theology teacher and former principal Mr. Herrmann retired, he earned a teaching role and wanted to do more by sharing the teaching of theology with the same passion and love as Mr. Herrmann. 

Fr. Deitz discovered his passion for theology and the priesthood when he started praying every day and going to daily Mass with his mother. For this reason, Father offers Mass every day after school, so we can do something similar. 

“Having good holy friends helped me grow into my faith and going to confession helps grow in relationship with Jesus,” he said. 

Back then, just like most kids in highschool, he did have a few doubts about his faith, “but that’s what makes our faith real to us”. As for today, Fr. Deitz does not have any doubts about his faith. “I wouldn’t have become a priest if I had that many doubts.” 

He said he gained higher confidence in his faith by having others not being afraid to be Catholic around him and loving Jesus by staying focused on his relationship with Christ.

Fr. Deitz absolutely loves being at St. Edward and never wants to leave our school because he enjoys being with the students and wants to continue being our role model. Priest are appointed to school by the bishop of the diocese, so although the future is unknown, he hopes to continue at St. Edward for many years.  

Through prayer, Father is connected to students and the St. Edward community. “I pray for every person at this place many times a day,” he says. Father continues to be our role model and helps hundreds of kids every day to become the best they can be, living and following in Christ.