2019 Senior Wills


Sarah Pottorff, Reporter

Kieana Banas
To Marcello Mauro – I leave my Quizlet password to you (you owe me an iced coffee for this). Live a long life & prosper xoxo
To Ralph Scummaci – Live a long life & prosper xoxo

Vincenza Binetti
Maura McGraw – I leave my ability to be out of uniform and get away with it
Nathan Daehn – I give you your lunch card back and my big drum and my lunch card that has .25 cents in it
Rachel Rebolledo – The soprano power
Mr. Jones – My outgoing, loud, obnoxious personality
Jlana Von Rohr – The ability to talk to anyone about anything

Danny Camarena
To Drew Tilche – I leave you my second base swagger, take good care of it.
To Tommy McQueeny – I leave you the title of best golfer in the school.

Peter Cholewa
To Max Marquez – I leave the ping pong club.
To Joe Sacco – I leave all of my business knowledge and my kicking abilities

Lauren Dameron
To G-money – I leave index cards, a pack of expo markers, and my favorite drill
To Annalise – I leave a James Charles palette
To Rachel Martini – I leave the brakes of my old car lol
To Coach Adyt – I leave this 👌
To Ollie – I leave the aux cord, a ray of sunshine, a donut, and redrum

Kyle Devery
To Amkar Baez – I leave my musical knowledge for your next SoundCloud mixtape

Gabrielle deWindt
To Jasmin Carachure – I leave you with your clip that you traded me only to take it right back. And my hideous lip gloss.
To Mia Castro – I leave you my parking spot #8.

Madalynn Duffy
To Rachel Martini – I leave you the soccer team.
To Lexi Wisniewski – I leave you the strong defensive line, every blocked shot counts!
To Maddie Ellsworth – I leave you in charge of making Coach Denny brownies.
To St. Edward – I leave you the Duffy legacy.

Kathleen Ellsworth
To Jase Leonard – I leave my pre-race dance party duties. Get everyone pumped! (Don’t forget the Fleetwood Mac!)
To Maddie Ellsworth – I leave the all powerful job of annoying Brieger.
To Max Marquez – I do not leave anything, but I’m taking your ugly yellow puffy jacket with me and destroying it.

Matt Estes
To Matt McAlipin – I give you my swimming ability. Unleash the chungus.
To Cello Maro – I leave with this quote “Stay mello cello.”

Sean Hancock
To Kelly Hancock- I love you 3,000.
To Gus Hartke – I leave my arguments for the Star Wars prequels.
To Michael Trippichio – I leave my organizational skills. (Sorry).
To Anthony O’Connor – I leave my school uniforms.
To Korbin Arnold – I leave the sock stick.
To that Squirrel from Freshman Year – Thanks.

Rachel Hicks
To Rachel Martini – I leave the title of “The Best Rachel”, make me proud
To Mia Castro – I leave $90 (imaginary) dollars for you to buy new birks, please 🙂

David Hill
To Jp Meguire – I leave you the clamps

Carlos Ibarra
To Josh Johansen – I leave my Bruno Mars playlist for the soccer team.

Emily Iverson
To Rachel Rebolledo – I leave the chant we yell after every play/musical and makeup duties during tech week
To Jlana Von Rohr – I leave my extraness and loud voice
To Nathan Dahn – I leave my annoyingness
To Maura McGraw – I leave you with my complaining, I know how

Daniel Parks
To Sebastian Oquendo – I leave my robo knee.

Jessy Kramp
To Chloe Davies – I leave you our skills of dancing with the alpha Chad as a final farewell and befriending people from Appleton, WI.
To Hannah Dorley – I leave you my anger on the mound.
To Madison Schueler – I leave you my bomb singing skills.
To Liam Buenaventura – I leave you my road rage

Jake Kaufman
To Max Kaufman, I leave you my lunch card balance of $8.40. Spend it wisely. I also leave you my football #58. I know you’ll make me proud.
To Jake LoCoco, I leave you M,W,F 6:30 AM football lifts.
To Cello Mauro, I leave you Cenzo’s $15 IOU from 2017. Maybe you’ll have better luck collecting.
To Breiger, I leave you my coveted Duke Blue Devils bow tie. Wear it with pride!

Sophia Kopacz
I leave the choir and drumline in the hands of Sara Schuck and the band to Clem. I leave the bowling team to Sarah Pottorff. I leave theatre to the junior thespians. I wish all the best to my successors in all the activities I’m involved in.

Ben LoCoco-Schenck
To Aidan Franklin – I leave you my ankle braces

Noreen Lodi
To Mariela Martinez – I leave my mad stapling skills and passion for double sided printing.
To Michael Azar – I leave a good Yelp review of Azar Jewelers.
To Sebe Oquendo – I leave my sanity.
To Marlen Alejandre – I leave my responsibility of taking attendance in study hall when there is a substitute teacher.

Mikey Lopez
To Chase Brieger – Let’s go back to the lab again
To Cameron Kruk – My amazing soccer defending skills
To Drew Tilche – I leave you my accounting work

To Jeff Mamrot – I leave you my count downs and team calls to you. Use them wisely

Sarah Mendoza
To Annalise Avila, Chloe Davies, and Jenny Reynoso – I leave my sass and captain duties

Lindsey Mauritzen
To Amanda Saunders – I leave my amazing math skills
To Madison Schueler – I leave my coolness and my outfield skills

Jessica Mote
To Lexi Wisniewski – I leave you the ability to sleep.
To Rachel Martini – I leave you the music duty on the soccer bus, start finding PG music now.
To Jasmine Carachure – I leave you the title of being the queen of red.

To Amanda Saunders – I leave you my chem knowledge (;

Sidney Muhammad
To Clem – I leave my orange gloves
To Liam Pomeroy – I leave you the duty to be the model DB on the field.

Hailey Niehaus
To Ella Niehaus – I leave you my spot on Mosley and the responsibility of getting to school on time
To Anthony Holte – I leave you alone at St. Eds. Don’t be too sad. I love you.
To Brooke Biggins – I leave you the girls basketball team- Don’t fail me
To Jeff Mamrot – I leave you my count downs and team calls to you. Use them wisely

MacKenzie O’Connell
To Madison O’Connell I leave Topper, my uniforms and spirit wear (even though you steal them anyway), my love for Chili’s, and endless support with everything. Love Always, Mack❤️

Ethan Palomino
To Drew Tilche – I leave you my jokes and the tradition of “oh yeah”.

Megan Pease
To Madison O’Connell – I leave topper’s broken light and the two bites of the Jimmy John sandwich.
To Madison Schuehler – I leave my awesome dance moves (especially during softball season).
To Sebastian Oquendo – I leave The Presidential Seat of the Recycling Club (sorry Konrad).
To the girls softball team – I leave my momager skills, pep talks, playlists, and cheer.
To Ms. Chlebowski – I leave the stress of the softball team, playlists, and our tea sessions with you.
To all my teachers – Thank you for helping me these past four years and for allowing me to vent and be the best version of my self. You all have a huge impact on my life. I leave you guys my laugh and sheep noise.

Maelle Quartetti
To my daughters (Rachel, Maura, Ashley, Izzy, Grace, Marisa) – I leave all my good looks and the knowledge that I love them and I know they have an abundance of success ahead
To Marisa Broertjes – I leave the role of being a confident lady and top ALTO in VJE
To Jlana – I leave my math skills and all the “fun” we had at our tutor sessions
To Michael Mindykowski – I leave my acting skills and I expect a lead role next year 🙂
To Izzy Kirkwood – I leave you memories of our scream sessions, two person dance parties, and back stage shenanigans

Massimo Ranallo
To St. Edward – I leave the Ranallo/Horn legacy.

Carson Scarnegie
To the junior guys soccer players – I leave the legacy of one of the best soccer teams to step foot in St. Ed’s. Go kill it next year for me!;)