Boy’s Volleyball 2019


Kieana Banas, Reportero

As spring rolls around to summer, volleyball is definitely  carrying the heat.

The boy’s volleyball team is one of the most popular sports St. Edward’s High School has to offer as a spring extra-curricular activity. With the intense practices, competitive games, and long-enduring tournaments, the team still brings the hype and translates their close relationships on the court. For the past 3 years, Karla Aguirre has been coaching the boy’s volleyball team and leading them through their success.

There are four new additions to the boy’s volleyball team this spring season! According to junior Ralph Scummaci, this year for the boy’s volleyball team is definitely a rebuilding year. Last year the boy’s volleyball team record was 5-3.. Now, the boy’s volleyball team is currently 1-5, but nonetheless, they are still determined for success. “We really think our team has the potential this year,” says junior, Marcello Mauro, “I believe that we can win more games if we put our mind into it.”

Coach Karla Aguirre encourages the team to work hard and always strive for their best. She hopes that the team will grow not only as a team but also as individual players. Besides game improvement, Coach Karla Aguirre’s biggest goal this year for the boy’s to have fun and make the most memories in their spring season’s journey!