M.A. Burger Review


Jessy Kramp

Oreo Milkshake at M.A. Burger

Jessy Kramp, Reporter

Burgers, fries, milkshakes. The newest rave in town has got everyone talking, and M.A. Burger has recently had its biggest debut in Elgin. From extravagant milkshakes to juicy burgers, this chain offers a wide variety within their menu. To put the restaurant to the test, I rate and review not only their food, but the atmosphere of the eatery and budget friendliness for those who are looking to dine here.

The interior of the restaurant is very hip and vibey. A touch of modernization mixed with a touch of rustic creates a comfortable feel for the guests who dine at M.A. Burger. The lighting is dim (and offers great lighting for when taking pictures of your meal before devouring it). The seating ranges from booths to high tops to standard chairs. The ambiance of the eatery earns a 10/10.

Walking into a chain where the food is well-known for their massive, flamboyant milkshakes and delicious burgers, I had to walk in with an open mind. Scanning the menu, I noticed that M.A. Burger not only catered to those who ate burgers, veggie and vegan burgers were also made for those who couldn’t eat meat. There were also chicken sandwiches, hotdogs, a variety of salads, and an array of drinks. The prices of each entreé ranges from $7-$20, so the restaurant is on a higher scale with prices, so the cost of the cuisine deserves a rating of 5/10.

Being a sucker for cheeseburgers, I put their infamous M.A. Bacon Cheeseburger to the test. In addition, I also ordered a side of the Handcut Fries. After taking my first bite into the burger, I immediately fell in love. The burger was cooked perfectly, and the blending of the spices, along with the melted cheese and crispy bacon, fusioned perfectly together. The fries, on the other hand, were mediocre. It wasn’t bad, however, I’ve had better fries within my lifetime. The M.A. Bacon Cheeseburger earns a rating of 11/10, while the fries earn a rating of 5/10.

Now, the best for last. To top off my meal, I ordered the over-the-top Oreo Cookie milkshake. Already feeling full from the burger and fries, as I watched the waiter approach me with my milkshake made my heart feel a sudden drop. At that moment, I knew I would walk out of M.A. Burger with diabetes. At first, figuring out how to take your first sip (or in this case, bite), is challenging. I started by eating the two Oreos attached to the outer part of the milkshake. The towering whip cream takes a while to devour, causing a slight mess, as well. The rest of the shake, however, was amazing. Even though I suffered a life threatening stomach ache after finishing the beverage, I didn’t regret one sip of it. The Oreo Cookie milkshake deserves a rating of 100/10.

Overall, M.A. Burger was way better than I had expected. The food at the eatery passed my taste test, so if you ever want to enjoy a burger or milkshake with friends, I recommend that you stop by and give it a try!