Tasty Tacos in Elgin, Los Comales


Danny Camarena, Reporter

Growing up in a Mexican household, tacos was a staple at our house. It was always one of my favorite foods. We took pride in our tacos and made it one of our goals to find the best tacos in our area. While many people may have different opinions on which is superior, mine is Los Comales in Elgin.

Los Comales is located on 965 Dundee Ave in Elgin. They sell authentic Mexican food including, tacos, burritos, tortas as well as other great food. They also have dinner platters, many different sides and great desserts. If you go in the morning they have authentic breakfast platters with Mexican coffee.

When you walk in you instantly get 1900s Mexican vibes with brown and red color tiled floors. Walls that look like the color of the sunset on a desert and on the back wall a picture that depicts farmers working and a “bodega.” The food comes served on red plastic baskets with paper in it giving it a real Mexican feel.

When I go I almost always order “tres tacos especial de asada” meaning three steak special tacos. The special meaning with cheese, sour cream and avocado.  If you’re like me and you don’t care for avocado, Los Comales lets you change the order to your liking.. While you wait for your food they have “Chiles en vinagre”, or pickled vegetables , which consisted of carrot slices, jalapeños, and cauliflower drenched in a spicy vinegar sauce. As for the food itself, it tastes great, the meat is well cooked and all the flavors mesh together great. Some of the other taco fillings available are chicken, Al Pastor pork, shredded beef (barbacoa), tongue (lengua) and chorizo.

The prices aren’t very high as three tacos will only cost you around five dollars and they do have dollar tacos every Tuesday. If you are looking for great tacos in our area take a look at Los Comales and you won’t be disappointed.