Sam Ottinger goes to state for three-pointers


Annalise Avila, Reporter

St. Edward junior Sam Ottinger had a very successful 2018-2019 basketball season. This was her second season on varsity and her first season as a starter. The team unfortunately lost their regional against Kaneland, but they still had a very successful season. Outside of the team, Sam was also doing big things on her own.

She was selected by her coach to shoot three-pointers in regionals. She placed second in regionals with nine out of fifteen 3-pointers. She then went on to place fourth in sectionals with seven out of ten 3-pointers. On Thursday, February 28th, she went to the state championship in Normal, Illinois and she placed sixth.

Sam has been playing basketball since she was in third grade. It’s been her passion for nine years and it’s always been her favorite sport. “I fell in love with it the minute the ball was put in my hands. I love the intensity of the game but I also like the practice that is required to get better,” she said, explaining her love of the sport. She also explained her appreciation for her teammates. “I also really love the team aspect as well because playing with people that know you well can turn you into a great team.” Aside from her teammates, her dad also pushes her to be a better player. “My dad always pushes me to do my best and tells me to always play like it’s my last time playing. He also is very supportive of me and is always going with me to the gym outside of practice. She also credits her AAU Coaches for the encouragement they’ve showed her throughout the years. “I would have never gotten to state if it wasn’t for these people,” she says.

Off the basketball court, Sam is also a starter on the varsity volleyball team. She’s been playing volleyball for nine years as well. She recently went on the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) retreat. She explained what an great few weeks it had been and how lucky she was to have such supportive, encouraging people. “It was like a two week high of exciting things that never would have happened if it wasn’t for everyone that has pushed me out of my comfort zone.”

It’s safe to say that Sam has had a great first three months of 2019!