A Trip Down Memory Lane with St. Edward Teachers


Brianalynne Schreurs

(from left) Mr. Anastacio, Mr. Snow, Mr. Brieger, Mr. Briski, Ms. Rodman, Mrs. Schmidt

Brianalynne Schreurs, Reporter

Inside of St. Edward’s walls are the many memories that students and faculty members have made. But we don’t always get the chance to share these wonderful memories with one another. Here, you will find the most favored memories that our teachers have made during their years with the school.

In 2015, Mr. Snow was a new teacher to the school. He was not familiar with the administration, students, or parents. Little did he know how welcomed he was going to feel by everyone. His department was made up of Mr. Bimmerly and Mrs. Brown. He talks about how these two people have inspired him to be a better teacher and also a better person. “I feel like I’m the luckiest new teacher to come here. He’s given me more advice about teaching and life than anybody else,” he explains about Mr. Bimmlery. He also compliments Mrs. Brown, saying that she challenged him and did not always give him a big thumbs up, which shaped him to the teacher he is today.

Ms. Rodman recalls one of her favorite memories that took place this year during homecoming week. For each dress up theme day, she spent time to make and build DIY costumes. This was no easy thing to do; she talks about how you have to be creative and cheap to pull it off. “There was lots and lots of hunting through Good Will,” she explained. She also noted that this is an activity her and Mrs. Schmidt enjoy to do together. “We both get excited for DIY stuff.”

Another story takes place on the football field. Last year, Mr. Briski was a new teacher to St. Edward and decided to be the assistant football coach. He was not quite sure what he was getting into—being he only previously taught youth football. But being a “fresh face” in the crowd was nothing to be worried about. “What impressed me was how accepting they were. St. Edward’s has an amazing group of kids.” He talks about how he had lots of fun at the practices and how he and the players share may funny memories together.

A rumor spread around St. Edward’s that a famous band was coming to the school; and Mr. Brieger was behind it. This was no accident. He and some seniors wanted to test out our schools “rumor mill.” He could hear the underclassmen debating which bands would come to open up. The time came for the pep rally and everyone was gathered in the gym. The lights turned off. A song started playing. The curtain opened. Jonny Green Wave came to the stage. The seniors went wild and were filled with excitement, but everyone else was completely confused. There was no band coming to St. Edward, and everyone fell for it.

Teaching is no easy task; you have to have fun while also being productive. Mr. Drake seems to have this pretty well handled. Every year for his U.S. History class, he assigns a project for the Roaring 20s unit that has “been a hit” with the students. It interests the kids who like to draw, are musically inclined, or just enjoy being creative. “When students take to a project and look like there having fun with it is always a blessing.”

Kairos is a very hush-hush topic in the walls of St. Edward. This extends to even the teachers who have never gone before. Mrs. Schmidt use to be one of them. But in 2017, she was invited by Ms. Kerger to be a leader. At first, she was not sure if she wanted to go and was very hesitant. Mrs. Schmidt decided to evaluate the situation; it seemed like the kids always had a good time, but on the other hand, she always got “bad vibes” about Kairos. Eventually she took it on and is glad she did. She felt “spiritually renewed” after and explains, “I got to know students in a way I’d never have the opportunity otherwise.” Mrs. Schmidt hopes to be able to keep doing this for years to come!

In all, St. Edward’s is a great environment. Looking into the teachers’ memories gives us an insight of what this school is built up on; things like friendship, respect, and fun.