Spring Hill Thrill


Abrianna Schreurs

The once ghostly Spring Hill Mall in West Dundee is taking a major turn as they prepare to follow through with the renovation plans first introduced in February. Spring Hill Mall is in the midst of an incredible transformation, following a $37.8 million dollar redevelopment plan.

The plan includes a 35,000-square foot movie theater, three free-standing buildings to be used for restaurant or retail, along with possible outdoor seating and a plaza; and an additional 28,000 square feet of retail spaces. Plans for the movie theatre includestate-of-the-art screens and reclining leather seats.

The plan also intends to create a new southwest mall entrance, additional parking, and a bike path with bike racks. With all these added elements complimenting each other the village of West Dundee is hoping to attract new tenants and provide a spillover of success for the rest of the mall. With the last renovations taking place in 2005, the mall is overdue for an upgrade.          Project heads are hoping that with the additions to the mall it will make the mall more of a targeted destination and redefine the mall as a community center.