Thanksgiving Fan Favorites

Thanksgiving Fan Favorites

Danny Camarena, Reporter

Thanksgiving is a fan favorite when it comes to holidays. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary the definition of Thanksgiving Day is “a day appointed for giving thanks for divine goodness.” In the spirit of stuffing our face with delicious food, some of the fan favorites for the St. Edward students created a twitter poll where they were able to vote on their favorite thanksgiving foods.

The number one voted option was on the sweeter side of thanksgiving foods, being pie, which received 39% of the vote. Junior student, Ralph Scumacci, said his favorite thanksgiving food is Apple Pie. Faculty member, Mr. Harris, said his favorite thanksgiving food is Pecan Pie.

Mash potatoes claimed a second place finish receiving 33% of the response. Many students such as Seniors Carlos Ibarra and Jessy Kramp, when asked around the school said mash potatoes was their favorite food to eat on thanksgiving. Faculty member Mr. Briski also said his favorite food was mash potatoes.

Stuffing came in third with 17%. Ironically, the meal that probably thanksgiving is most known for, came in last, with only 11% of students voting it as their favorite.