Rotary: District 6440


Jessy Jasso, Social Media Director, Reporter

The Rotary Interact youth conference took place last Saturday, November 10 at Robert Morris University. This is an event where many students that are within the Interact Club attend to, to find new ways to help the community and bring those ideas to their organization and school. Interact means “to act in a way to have an effect on others.” Their main goal is to have interactors, from ages 12-18, build a “connection with others to help us make a difference, because we may impact someone without knowing while someone else impacts us as well,” says Emily Andre, president of District 117 Interact and RYLA attendee.

Within the club, one is able to get themselves and their school involved locally by helping out your community through food pantries, fund raising, experimenting through different internships and development programs. Remember that it is not always about yourself, it is about being part of something bigger than yourselves, service above self.

This year, St. Edward Interact club members are all open for new ideas to continue keeping the club active. If you have any questions on how you can be a part of St. Edward’s Rotary Interact club, you can contact Ms. Woj, the club Advisor, or co-presidents: Madalynn Duffy and Jessica Mote. “As a club we’re trying to get involved with student council to get a bigger impact on our community and our school as a whole. We have new ideas for the upcoming weeks that we’re excited to announce soon,” says co-president, Madalynn Duffy.