Senior Spotlight : Erin Kremer


Daily Herald

Volleyball season 2018

Kieana Banas, Reporter

With the volleyball season wrapping up, senior star-player, Erin Kremer, made a big impact on this year’s season.

Erin’s experience with volleyball traces back to when she first started playing Top Flight Volleyball Club when she was in the sixth grade. “I started playing when I was 12-years-old, and ever since then, I loved it,” she says. Erin played throughout middle school, and she continued playing the sport in high school. She was a starting player on the varsity team as a freshman, and she has been a vital player ever since then. Throughout Erin’s high school career, she continued to play volleyball off-season in Top Flight Volleyball Club, and she also started playing indoor beach volleyball in Progressional Beach Volleyball Club. She came into her last season with passion for the sport, but unlike most seniors, she was the only senior in her team.

For many players, this position might be difficult, but for Erin, this was anything but. “I had to do all the things that four seniors would usually be doing, but the girls on my team are so awesome that it hasn’t been difficult,” she says. There were many things that she was responsible for as the only senior in the team such as organizing activities or deciding the spirit wear, but apart from those responsibilities, the biggest one of all is being a leader. “She was very charismatic,” says junior, Bianca Ventimiglia. Erin carried the team this season with her encouraging attitude and enthusiasm. The volleyball team had the same record this year as when she played in her freshman year on varsity. The team moved up a higher division this season and finished with 8 – 9. Erin leads her team with her positive outlook as they progress into regionals. “She was truly a strong leader,” junior, Taylor Hartman, says.

Throughout  Erin’s four years of volleyball in St. Edwards, not only did she improve her skills in the sport, but she also made close relationships with her teammates and many great memories. “My favorite memory was my senior night this year,” she says, “Getting to walk down the gym with my mom like I’ve seen all the other seniors do for four years was really cool. The team did an awesome job decorating & it was really funny to see my face plastered all over the gym.”

Apart from volleyball, Erin is a well-rounded student involved in many clubs such as National Honor Society, Interact Club, and Spanish Club. She also volunteers in the Special Olympics regularly. Erin doesn’t plan on playing volleyball in college because she wants to direct her focus on her studies, but her love for the game will never go away. Erin wishes her team the best next season, and she hopes that they continue translating their closeness on the court and advance with their on-going success.