Culture in the Clubs


Brianalynne Schreurs

Co-Presidents of the clubs

Brianalynne Schreurs, Reporter

The French and German Clubs are a great way for students taking these classes to get more involved in the culture. Both clubs offer a variety of fun activities the students enjoy! Ms. Siewert, St. Edward’s German and French  teacher, especially loves the clubs saying, “You learn things about cultures of countries that we don’t have time for in class.”

French Club has tons of fun with a fondue party, a crepe party, and eating many desserts! “Parties are a way to bring the French culture to St. Edward’s,” said Co-President Anaih De Leon. This club also goes on one field trip every year and decides as a club where it will be. Although, this club does more than just have fun. Students have a fundraiser selling French candies. The destiny of French Club is in Co-President Elise Hilton’s hands, who wants to keep old traditions of this club and improve their field trip destinations.

On the other hand, German Club celebrates their culture with Oktoberfest, Christkindlmarket, bratwursts, and Oompah Bavarian music! Chriskindlemarket is a giant festival they go to as an annual field trip in Chicago. There, the kids get to shop, eat food, and see crafts from all over the world! German Club also use their time to plan the parties throughout the year and organize fundraisers, like the annual selling of Advent Calendars during November. This club stays very busy, but Co-President Christopher Semler explains, “We try to keep it as fun and exciting as possible.” Semler’s plan for this club revolves mostly around keeping the members active and wanting to come back for more meetings.

To intermingle cultures, The German, French, and Spanish Clubs—together—will go to restaurants, have a Christmas party, and create a National Foreign Week scavenger hunt. This is a way for the students to learn more about other cultures and to meet other students. They will be making memories and learning lessons of a lifetime!