Bartlett Challengers


Alyssa Baugus

Here is Rachel with her buddy.

Alyssa Baugus, Reporter

Over 30 St. Edward students volunteered at the Bartlett Challengers baseball jamboree on a Sunday in September. At St. Edward, we always have opportunities to volunteer for service hours. One event we participate in is the Bartlett Challengers Little League. Bartlett Challengers is an organization where kids with special needs get the chance to play in a baseball league and have fun. During this event, older student volunteers get the chance to take responsibility and help those in need.

This year was my first time going and I honestly had a blast. I got to make keychains, paint faces, and play baseball. I learned that meeting new people and spending time with them can really make a difference. I loved seeing all the kids laughing, smiling, and enjoying the game.

This event is often organized through St. Edward Interact Club advisor, Mrs. Woj. “St. Edward students have been volunteering for the Bartlett Challengers organization for several years, and it’s a really good experience for our students to work with baseball players who have special needs so that they better understand the challenges and also reap the rewards of helping others and making a difference in our community,” she said.