Chillin like your Class Villian


2018-2019 Homecoming Villians / Themes

Brianalynne Schreurs , Reporter


Homecoming week is a memorable and busy time with all the festivities going on. There’s one thing we tend to overlook and move quickly forward from; the themes of our classes. As it may seem of minimal value to the high school experience, your class villain is what defines you this year. Take a peak into what makes your class similar to a villain!



“The hardest choices require the strongest wills.” This is freshman Sam Birdsells’s favorite Thanos quote. As freshman, you come into high school with high hopes and have dreams for the upcoming years. What you may not realize is the choices you will have to make along the way. Thanos chose to look for stones for many years. You will spend your 4 years at St. Edwards to debate and look for the right life decisions. This is your time to take lead like Thanos did and power through high school like champs!  



Sophomores. You come back to St. Edwards with a bigger sense of self, and your now established with your environment. Like Plankton, your ready and you want to “rule the world!”- slow down, your not there yet. You still need to come up with a better plan to “steal the krabby patty formula.” In other words, you still need to figure out life. Sophomore Ariel Martinez describes Plankton as, “Smart in a sneaky way.” You guys have gained intelligence as you start to to learn more about the ways of high school. You may even sneak around a couple rules here and there. But just because your starting to learn doesn’t mean you’ve reached the secret formula just yet.



When you think of high school taking over your brain, you think of Juniors. At this point, high school may have brought you down or built you up. We can all agree this point in life is a bit tiring, and hopefully your brain isn’t too absorbed by Venom’s venom. Being Venom himself and now upperclassmen, you don’t get destroyed by it, you have the power to take control of it. You get to now “host” onto new things. Sometimes you even think your Seniors. As an upperclassman to “underclassman” joke, you try to take over the Seniors. But don’t forget to have fun and enjoy being a Junior- finally being a Senior isn’t everything.



They’re  a bit crazy. They’re kind of weird. They’re the Seniors. If you’re a Senior, your villain is the Joker; a character known for his chaosity. According to Senior Michael Brito, “Most of the time, the Joker does stuff just to do it.” You can definitely relate this to your class. You have claimed seniority rights and are over high school at this point; you probably don’t care to justify actions or follow rules anymore. Tom Reeder helps amplify this by saying, “Seniors are the chaos to St. Edward’s order,” which is in respect to the Joker’s well known chaos.


The Joker also likes to have fun, and as your last year in high school winds down, you try to fit in as much fun as possible. But fun can’t last forever in this long but seemingly short 4 years. Henry Herrero likes the quote, “Let’s make this pencil disappear,” from the Joker. This is exactly how Senior year comes to an end, and how you might feel. You use your last pencil, probably one you found off the ground, and your waiting to figure out what else life has to offer.