Getting to know Sarah Pottorff

Madalynn Duffy

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This is Sarah Pottorff’s first year joining journalism! Sarah has been golfing at St. Ed’s since her freshman year and she is a part of the bowling team. Sarah enjoys historical fiction and action movies as well as reading and surfing the internet in her down time. Sarah loves going out to eat at Panera and Chipotle. She orders Panera’s freshly made salads and Chipotle’s Mexican cuisine.
In the near future, Sarah hopes to attend a good college and major in business. She would like to travel back to London because the first time she was there she was not able to see enough! Sarah hopes to one day (after college) live in Atlanta, Georgia. The quiet, friendly, and trustworthy Sarah Pottorff is excited and ready to be a exquisite reporter for the 2018-19 journalism staff of The Edge.