Danny’s Dashing St. Eds Story


Aidan Pomeroy, Reporter

Danny Camarena is a senior at St. Ed’s high school, and will be on the journalism team for the 2018-2019 school year. So here’s a little bit more about him. First his most favored class is Stats mostly because of the friends he has in the class. While in contrast his least favorite is lit because of the essay he’s already had to complete. But states he loves most of his classes regardless. Danny’s greatest strengths in life his ability to be a good friend, and his humor, while he also has perseverance in working on goals like the one he set on becoming an honor roll student which he succeeded in based off his dedication and hard work. Danny is also a student athlete; he plays baseball, and golf. He’s been playing baseball for about 13 years and states that it’s his favorite just because he loves everything about the game, and he had his greatest achievement was when he started in a playoff game, while this is his first year of golf and has enjoyed it thus far.

Danny dreams of going to Boston because it holds one of the oldest major league stadiums for baseball, Fenway Park. He would also like to visit just because he thinks it would be a very pleasant and fun experience for him. Although when it comes academics after high school Danny will in fact be going to college even though he doesn’t know where he will go to college, but has decided that it will be a four year college or university, and he does know that he will definitely miss his friends when he heads off to college. He will miss the times when he would just drive around town with his friends or when they would just sit down and play video games together. One thing is for sure though is that he won’t forget about them as he stated that he wishes that everyone around him can live healthy and happy lives.