Briannalyne Shares Her Life!

Kieana Banas, Reporter

Briannalyne is currently a senior. Three keywords that her family and friends would use to describe her are  nice, optimistic, and kind. She always tries to help people out and be there for them! She shares her smile and positive outlook to those around her!

Briannalyne enjoys watching comedy movies and she likes to read books that deal with problem-solving.  She likes to listen to different genres of music, but her all-time favorite is country.  Her favorite song is “Get Along” by Kenny Chesney and she is also a huge fan of Luke Bryan! Briannalyne’s favorite store to shop at is Rue21; she never walks out of that store without a bag in her hand! Briannalyne’s favorite restaurant is Chipotle for their healthy & delicious burrito bowls.

After highschool, Briannalyne plans on going to college and majoring in psychology. Her dream school is the University of California, Los Angeles. In the future, she would want to live in Georgia because of its paradise feeling and warm weather. If she could go anywhere in the world, she’d go to the Cayman Islands because of its many beautiful beaches, its heat, & clear water to snorkel in. If she could do anything she wanted for one day, she would take a road trip up to Devil’s Pool with her best friends and make many exciting memories with them. Briannalyne will be participating her first year as a reporter in The Edge!