Do You Think You Know Jessy Jasso?

Jessy Kramp, Reporter

Charming, bold, sassy, honest…those are the words someone would use to describe senior Jessy Jasso. Being a two year student of journalism, Jessy is one of the current veterans of the journalism class; being a two yet reporter for the Edge newspaper. I had the honor of interviewing her about her personal life that many people may not know about her.
Jessy Jasso invests most of her time a lot in her academics. Whenever she has free time aside from school, isn’t spending time on homework, she enjoys: to workout, watch soccer games with friends and family, and hang out with her loved ones. One of the activities she participates in is soccer for St. Edward’s; this upcoming season will be her third consecutive season playing for the Greenwave. Jessy also enjoys to shop till she drops. Her favorite stores are Akira and Timberland. Whenever she goes out to eat, her go-to is P.F Chang’s because she loves their chicken rolls.
Being already a senior in high school, Jessy is already trying to figure out the road she wants to pursue. She wants to attend Marquette University in the fall of 2019, and she wants to major in communications. In five years from now, Jessy sees herself living somewhere in Mexico. In ten years from now, she hopes to have a family of her own and have a successful, happy marriage. She hopes to own a C7 Corvette Stingray, a car she’s been dreaming of having since she was young.