Behind the Scenes about Alyssa

Jake Kaufman, Reporter/Broadcasting Director

Alyssa is open to trying new opportunities which is why she joined the journalism team this year. Alyssa has 3 sisters and 2 brothers. She enjoys to shop at Target because there always something to find. Alyssa enjoys volunteering at Gail Borden Library in the teen center and with the escape rooms. When it comes to movies she enjoys watching superhero films especially the Marvel Universe. She also enjoys getting a good laugh out a comedic film. With her free time she spends it painting or reading Sci Fi books and likes to hear any kind of country music. Her favorite travel destination is Texas. She has family living there and there’s always something fun to do in the Lone Star State. That may be why she hopes to one day live in Texas.

One person Alyssa looks up to and wished to meet is Saint Mother Teresa. She wants to meet her because of how she showed love and compassion to the poor and took care of them. She also believes she could learn a thing or two from her example. Her interest in painting makes her want to witness Michelangelo paint the Vatican in Rome, Italy. When she grows up she wants to pursue a degree in the medical field and one day become either a Physician or nurse. Alyssa says her aunt who’s also a nurse got her interested in becoming a nurse. This may also be the reason why she would like to give money for cancer research.