Keeping it Kieana

Brianalynne Schreurs, Reporter

Have you ever met someone full of optimism, kindness, and trustworthiness? Meet Kieana Banas who has it all! She has a positive outlook on everything and is a trust-worthy friend! In an interview with Ms. Banas, she noted, “I’m always my friends go-to for advice or shoulder to cry on”. But of all these great qualities, none of us are perfect. The one thing lacking that she wishes to have more of is patience.

Kieana has many interests. She fills her time with school activities like Spanish club, SAAD, and Conservation club. Despite her busy schedule, she volunteers at St. Alexis hospital (weekly!), helps out at her local church, has done Bartlett challengers, and Feed my Starving Children. Even after all this, she still finds leisure time to workout, read, or watch movies.

If she could go anywhere in the world, she would travel to Europe – again! She loves the architecture of the buildings and the different culture. Though she isn’t a fan of deep waters, she enjoys the beaches there as well.

You don’t truly know a person unless you know about their family. Kieana’s family is close with one another. She is especially close with her parents, and has lovely memories with her dad. As a little girl, they would go to Bahama Breeze together and she would call these “Daddy Daughter” dates. Because of this, Bahama Breeze is her favorite place to eat at.