In the life of Jessy Kramp

Jessy Jasso, Reporter

Jessy Kramp, also known as “Swagboijessjess” is one of many outstanding seniors in the class of 2019 at St. Edward.

In the past years that she’s attended St. Edward’s, she has enjoyed literature, Spanish and currently finds herself enjoying journalism, “I like challenging myself and trying new things out.” She is a part of several clubs at St. Edward and likes to volunteer. Ever since she was 5 years old she found herself having a passion for softball in which she played on very high level teams, such as the Wasco Diamonds, but recently, she quit her travel team and is more than excited to give it her best this upcoming high school softball season for the Green Wave!

Jessy is a selfless, caring, and hilarious young lady. During her free time she likes to listen to music, specifically Rap. Her favorite artist is Post Malone and her favorite song is “Edition” by Rex Orange County.  She also has a great sense of style! Her dream car is a G-Wagon because, “it is classy and fancy.” When it comes to clothing, she likes to shop at Pacsun and LuluLemon, “my favorite top would be my white tube top from Urban Outfitters because it makes me look tanner than I am. I love being tan, it gives me confidence.”

Lastly, she is full of dreams and has her goals set to strive for a great future, making her a confident and daring teen. Some things she wishes to accomplish aside from her studies would be going to Australia. “It’s a beautiful place. The main reason that sparked my desire to visit there is because of the tv show H2O, and I’d also like to live in Australia or Europe.”