Senior Wills 2018


Seniors Class of 2018!

Andrew Bibler
To Tom Reeder and Josh Johansen, I leave the bass legacy.
To Henry Herrero and Richard Van Durme, I leave the title “Kings of VJE.”
To Luke Sauceda, I leave the “Best Freshman” award.

Kyra Buenaventura
To Liam, my amazing people skills.
To Jessy, my talent for being able to get tan without burning.
To Maya, my work ethic and my ability to take notes in AP Bio.

Michelle Candia
To Emily Iverson, I leave my luxurious sense of style when it comes to slaying everyone at big events. KEEP THE LEGACY GOING!!

Jordan Cumpata
To Maddie Ellsworth, I leave you my “yeets.”
Reno Domel
To Massimo Ranallo, the best Spotify playlist of all time.
To David Hill, my Rocket League skills (because he needs them).
To Evan Sajtar and Chase Brieger, the volleyball team.

Meghan Driskell
To Sara Schuck, I leave you any advice you may need, as well as my pun-tastic humor! <3
To Sophia Kopacz, I also leave you my pun-tastic humor, but I also leave you my list of TV show recommendations. 😉
To the Thespians: The show must go on! Make our program blossom like it never has before!

Deleana Esquibias
To Daniela Esquibias, I give you my ability to pull all nighters doing homework.
To Mark Chammany, I give you all my post-it note drawings.

Mariel Franco
I leave Ariann Franco my ability to be more talkative.
I leave Hailey Niehaus the ability to stay strong during a basketball game.

A.J. Franklin
To Aidan Franklin, I leave you the Franklin legacy.

William Gaston
To Chase Brieger, I leave my savagery, my sweet soccer skills, and ooze.
To David Hill, I leave my belt.
To Jackson Godfrey, I leave my sick goals.
To Mikey Lopez, I leave my awesome headers.

Patrick Gleeson
To Chase Brieger, I leave you to get TC food after school.
To Erin Kremer, I leave all of my volleyball.
To Evan Sajtar, Chase Brieger, and Liam Jackson, I leave the position of volleyball captains and the volleyball team.

Taylor Gredzieleski
To Gaby deWindt, I leave you deodorant, so you can stop using mine.
To Rachel Hicks, I leave you the defensive line, make me proud.
To Madalynn Duffy, I leave you the soccer team and the team fish, Nigel.

Benjamin Harrington
To Kirkwood and Oscar, I leave you the school. Was once mine is now yours. And I also leave you Coach Childers to take care of. Make sure to follow my instructions thoroughly.
To Thomas Harkins, I leave you with nothing at all.

Sarah Hayward
To Ethan Hayward, I leave you my academic abilities and strong work ethic.

Sophia Heneghan
To Grace, I leave you the perseverance to get through one more year of high school, and the energy to dance your heart away for me while I’m away!
To Katy, I leave you all of the ‘peace’ and ‘okay’ signs I could have ever possibly thrown your way.

Isabella Hernandez
To Sam Ottinger, I leave you the “mom bag.”

Tyler Holte
To Anthony Holte, I leave you the color yellow.
To Kevin Pomeroy, I leave you every single cloud in the sky.
To Nick, Sidney and Jake Floyd, I leave you JOES.

Jayda Jefferson
To Jessy Kramp, I leave my sassiness because she’s the only one who can handle it.
To Katy Davidson, I leave nothing because she’s already amazing.
To Madalynn Duffy, I leave my sick Kairos dance moves.
To Molly Peebles, I leave my math skills
To Rachel Hicks, I leave you the secret to “Jay-tor-ade”… you’re welcome.

Madison Knott
To Brieger, I leave you all of my crumbs and wrappers. Sorry that “Fatticus” had to eat at 10:30 every day.
To Jake,  I leave you with endless trips to dunkin…. and Joey
To David, I leave you with a new bumper for Katrina.
To St. Edward, I leave you the Knott Legacy.

Elizabeth Kopacz
To the juniors currently in VJE, take care of it. You’re going into this upcoming year as seniors and people know who the Vocal Jazz Ensemble is now. It’s become an established group—present yourselves that way. And make Mr. Jones’ life a little easier by helping out the newbies. Above all, “Sing”! 🙂

Evelena Hartke and Sophia Kopacz, I leave you two the band. Keep it movin’ and groovin’ and your respective sections in line. I expect to hear awesome things about the Drum Line ;). One Band, One Sound!

To Sophia Kopacz, I hereby give, devise, and bequeath senior year. “But I’m already getting that!” No. I’m not talking about senior year as in what grade you’re in. I’m talking about being a senior, a True Upperclassmen, one of the Top Dogs, and the last Kopacz to be a student at St. Ed’s. Own it like never before in the classroom, music room, onstage, and beyond! Go out with a bang and make this school and our family proud.

Brett Kruska
To Owen Gill, I leave you my football number, 52.
To the boys varsity basketball bench, I leave you my water boy skills.

Max Marcordes
To Chase Breiger, as my favorite son, I leave you my legacy at St. Edward High School.

Jordan Mattas
To Elise Kruska, I leave my eyerolls and constant laughter.
To Elizabeth Mattas. I leave the “The Golden Nugget,” and have fun driving with Mom!
To Madalynn Duffy, I would like to leave a bowl of plants.

Vincenzo Mauro
To the football team, do your best and hold down the fort.
To Kevin Pomeroy, I leave you my football number #55. Keep it in Bartlett.
To Cello, I leave you the crib and the shoes I don’t take.
To Kieana, I leave you the powers for Econ. This better help you get the double A because somehow I was able to.

Victoria Mindykowski
To Michael Mindykowski, I leave you gov/econ notes/quizlets and my car.

Dylan Morawski
To Jake Kaufman, I leave the Grayson Allen haircut.

Mallory Rejman
To Rachel Hicks, I leave my splashin’ & cashin’ skills out on the court.
To Sarah Bird, Jessy Kramp and Mo Mauritzen, I leave my sick dance moves during softball season.
To Hailey Niehaus, I leave my spot down low for you to ball up. Make me proud roomie!! I also leave you speaker duty & amazing song-playing.
To David Hill, I leave you Madison (hahahaha jk).
To Madalynn Duffy and Emily Wagh, I leave you with the best of luck and amazing Kairos leadership. POD A!!!

Claudia Sajtar
To Lauren Biggins and Katie Soohov, I leave you a box of biscuits.

Daniela Sandoval
To Kieana Banas, I leave you my ability to be patient with underclassmen who walk super slow in the hallways.
To Alexia Hernandez, I leave you my ability at being super good at math.

Ashley Treiber
To Alex Burton, I leave my messy locker.
To Julia Heffelfinger, I leave my tardiness.
To Kailey Treiber, I leave the Treiber legacy. You go girl!

Alyssa Sto. Domingo
To Maddie Ellsworth, I leave you my outstanding dance skills.
To Madalynn Duffy, I leave you Coach Dawson’s children to take care of during practice.
To Rachel Hicks, I leave you the aux cord during basketball and soccer season.
To Rachel Martini and Katie Ellsworth, I leave you my daily Pedialyte before soccer games.
To Jess Mote, I leave you the stress of taking over interact and my Scooby snacks.

Isabella Uscila
To Jake Middleton, I leave my St Ed’s pride and love.
To Zach Olenek, I leave my fastness.
To Rachel Martini, I leave my D1 success.

Johnny Walschot
To Kyle Devery, I leave you everything because you are the cheese in the pick and roll.

Isabel Warner
To Jilian Rolando, I leave you my mini dance moves.

Phillip Welch
To Duffy, I leave you the journalism team, take good care of it.
To Noreen, I leave you my parking spot, #81, it’s the best one out there.

Ryan West
To Oscar, I leave the leadership role of the bathroom bandits.
To Breiger, I leave all the whoppers I’ve hidden around the school.
To PJ, I leave all my late notices.
To Zeke Rolando, I leave the weight room.
To the Squirrel from sophomore year, I leave you my parking spot cause you got me out of class.