Disney Channel is Running Out of Ideas

Sean Hancock, Reporter

Disney Channel is a kid favorite channel. It’s a place where shows directed at children run everyday. But, it’s not exactly the same channel we grew up with. I recently went onto the channel to see if things were similar to when I watched it when I was younger. I was sad to find it was not. But after a while, I started to think: Is Disney Channel running out of ideas?

My first evidence would be the current set of shows airing on Disney Channel. The shows include “Bunk’d” (a spin-off of “Jessie”), “Stuck in the Middle”, “K.C. Undercover” (now ended), “Bizaardvark”, “Andi Mack”, and “Raven’s Home” (a sequel to “That’s So Raven”). None of these shows are good. There are some that are “acceptable”, but none of them are “good”. But just because the shows aren’t good, doesn’t mean the channel is out of ideas. However, behind the scenes, we see a different story.

“Andi Mack” is one of Disney’s newer shows. I’m not going to go deep into the plot, but it is not a “child-friendly” show. Why do I bring it up? The creator of this show (Terri Minsky) is the creator of an old Disney Channel show: “Lizzie McGuire”. Disney went to her and asked her to create a new show for them. This is not unusual, but what they did next is. Disney is known for strict censoring on their shows. They want to keep their programming family-friendly. However, with “Andi Mack”, they let Minsky do what she wanted to make the show. This gave the show have a more “teen-vibe” that doesn’t feel like a Disney Channel thing.

Similar to “Andi Mack”, the Disney XD show “Milo Murphy’s Law” was created by “Disney Channel classic” creators. In this case, the creators of “Phineas and Ferb”: Dan Povenmire and Jeff (Swampy) Marsh. They were asked to create a new show, which actually turned out to be a good idea. “Milo Murphy’s Law” is very creative, funny, and by far one of the best shows Disney has right now.

More evidence to Disney Channel’s lack of ideas can be found on their new “Ducktales” reboot. The original “Ducktales” saved Disney Channel in 1987. I believe Disney Channel thinks they can save themselves again with the same show. Fortunately, the new “Ducktales” is good and draws in fans of all ages.

“Raven’s Home” is Disney Channel’s newest show. It is a sequel to “That’s So Raven”. While I wasn’t a fan of the original, I gave the new one a chance. I only find the show to be okay, but I know others are excited with it. But, this is another example of Disney Channel bringing back a show that made them popular in the past.

“K.C. Undercover” ended on February 2, 2018. Usually, Disney Channel will have a new show to fill the slot of an old show when it ends. However, there was no show to fill in for “K.C. Undercover”. Instead, the channel showed re-runs of “Gravity Falls”. Now, Disney Channel has officially announced what will fill the slot. It’s “Gravity Falls!” Disney Channel moved all their cartoons to Disney XD from 2009-2014. They stayed on that channel ever since. This is the first time Disney moved a show back onto the main channel. “Gravity Falls” is the best show Disney Channel ever had, and it is arguably the best cartoon ever created. It is cool that it is back on Disney Channel, but what does this mean for the channel? It means they likely couldn’t come up with a show to replace “K.C. Undercover”.

Another thing I have noticed on Disney XD is the re-runs of Disney Channel classics. Recently, the channel has been airing re-runs of “Kim Possible” and “Lilo and Stitch: The Series.” Usually, Disney Channel would air these at night, but now they are airing in the day. I am very happy with this schedule, because I love the old shows. But, it brings up the question of why Disney would show a lot of old shows, considering they don’t usually do that.

That was all the evidence that I could find. Disney Channel is most likely running out of ideas for shows and probably their original movies too. The latest movie, Zombies, did not look remotely good. But Disney has a plan for those too: a live action “Kim Possible” movie.