EPD with teens



Teens that are part of The Explorer program

Jessy Jasso, Reporter

The Elgin Police Department provides programs that help out teenagers get engaged in their community and enhance their relationship with the police, the same way they have programs for adults which help provide more safety for the Elgin community.

Explore Post 1445 one of the three programs they have offered for teens every Wednesday at 6:30PM that are between the ages of 14 through 20. This program helps those who are interested in pursuing a law enforcement career.

Second program is called Kids United, this program is offered for kids residing in Elgin, teaching them positive environment skills and how to be a good leader in their community while having to be challenged with important life skills.

Lastly, Peer Jury is a youth program offering remedial approaches into processing juvenile offenders under the age of 17. This program does not involve a juvenile court system.

There are many other ways that the police helps those in our community and what a better way than starting off with our own teens!