Getting to Know the Students: Thomas Gallagher


Emily Terrazas, Reporter

Thomas Gallagher is currently a junior attending St. Edwards. He has had many academic accomplishments throughout the years. With a 4.0 GPA, Gallagher has really been hitting the books at a young age. With his very first achievement being the first place winner of the state science fair in 2011. To being ranked #1 in class of 2019, Freshman year. He since then has improved his academic skills through practice and challenging himself.

He is currently a member of the National Honor Society (NHS). A few extracurricular activities that Gallagher enjoys to do is playing tennis, he is also involved in WYSE, table tennis, Interact Club, German Club and French Club.

The struggles of being a high honor straight A student is a lack of sleep. According to Gallagher, “I have no time to sleep because I do homework all night and focus completely on my academics.”

For students who struggle with school. The best advice Thomas could give is “To be a better student you have to try harder, but school shouldn’t be a competition. Learning different things comes easier to different people. Completely removing yourself from everything takes out the possibility of being good at something.”