Mr. Herrmann: 42 years at St. Eds

Mr. Herrmann

Mr. Herrmann

Daniela Sandoval, Reporter

Everyone knows the man who gives hard senior Theology tests as Mr. Paul Herrmann. His tests may be super hard and you may struggle in his class, but because he’s a good and kind teacher so you don’t mind. Not only does everyone notice he’s short, but he’s also very funny. He may look intimidating sometimes, but if you have ever had him as a teacher, you know he actually isn’t that intimidating at all. He’s never once failed to make any of his students laugh, even if they’re going over long slides of notes.

Mr. Herrmann started working at St. Edward in 1975. He was hired by Father McQue and the principal was Mr. O’Neill. To this day, Mr. Herrmann has been working here for 42 years! He has taught Theology here and Physical Education/Health. Now, he only teaches Theology for a couple sophomores and he teaches all the seniors. 

Believe it or not, Mr. Herrmann was the principal here twice! He even hired Mrs. Pamela Klein during his first time as principal. Mrs. Klein, the math department chairwoman, teaches Honors Algebra I, Pre-Calculus, and Honors Pre-Calculus. She has been working here for 25 years now. We can all agree that was a great hire!

Something most current students will remember is Mr. Herrmann becoming principal when our beloved Father Edward Seisser passed away in August, 2015.Mr. Herrmann became principal for Father Edward and then there was a new senior/sophomore theology teacher who took his place as a teacher.

There are two huge changes Mr. Herrmann has seen throughout the years when teaching and being a principal here at St. Edward. “We had around 650 kids at one point at this school. The building that is known as senior hall, didn’t even exist back then,” said Mr. Herrmann. The chapel and the main office didn’t exist either. That’s also why people also consider it the nicest building in the school; it is the newest building. There have also been uniform changes. Girls had the option to wear slacks/pants that were the same pattern as the skirts. Both girls and boys were also allowed to wear shorts that were the same pattern as the uniform skirts.

Something Mr. Herrmann misses is how Homecoming used to happen. “Homecoming of the old days,” he said. The pep rally used to be Friday evening. There was even a marching band! He also misses the homecoming parade with each class having their own float.

Mr. Herrmann has been such an important part of our our school history. He has been willing to step up when asked, he is an amazing instructor and he is pretty easy-going. His sarcasm might confuse you and even scare you sometimes, but he is very funny and absolutely loves and cares for every single student at St. Edward.