Our Athletic Trainer: Behind the Scenes


Chris Hurckes

Holding the girls basketball, Class 2A, 3rd place state trophy.

Sarah Hayward, Reporter

Many know our athletic trainer, Chris Hurckes, as TC. You see him at almost every sporting event around St. Ed’s. He is the reason our athletes are up to par and are always taken care of.

TC went to Illinois State for his undergraduate degree in athletic training. He knew he wanted to pursue this profession in between his senior year in high school and freshman year of college. This degree has many strenuous classes including Human Anatomy, Therapeutic Exercises, Therapeutic Modalities, and Exercise Physiology. In high school, TC played baseball and football. He still continues to keep active by playing basketball and golf.

TC had a painful injury during his senior year. He broke his collarbone the first day of the football season. He thought that he would have to sit out the whole season, but with the help of his athletic trainer, he was able to make a comeback in his last season. This experience motivated TC to really consider a career in athletic training.

Trainer Chris has been an athletic trainer for eight years. He was hired by Athletico, a big rehabilitation, sports medicine, and athletic training facility in the Chicagoland area. Two years later, he was offered a job at St. Ed’s. TC knew he wanted to work in this area so he jumped at the opportunity. On a daily basis, Trainer Chris covers any games that happen on our athletic calendar throughout the year . He is always right on the sidelines and ready to assess any situation that may occur. If an injury does happen, he completes injury paperwork. TC evaluates each athletes injuries, and gives physical therapy that suits each person’s needs. His main goal is to get that student athlete back on the field or court with a properly healed body.

Working at St. Ed’s is something truly unique to Trainer Chris. He has experienced four trips down to state with the girls soccer team, girls softball team, girls basketball team, and boys soccer team in his six years here. TC explains that he loves the assemblies when the students compete against the faculty; he believes the faculty are always winners. “I love what I do; I really enjoy working in a small school setting because you get to know almost everyone at the school. It’s like one big family! I also enjoy helping people get back to what they love to do. I love being around sports”, Trainer Chris explains.

If you are looking to pursue a career in athletic training, TC gave us some insight on the job. “Build connections, work hard, and understand it’s not the most glamorous job, but it is very rewarding. Also know that the hours and pay aren’t the greatest, but that’s not why we do what we do as athletic trainers”.

The next time you stop in the training room or the weight room to get taped or some ice before a practice, say hi to the man behind the scenes! The person who makes our athletes who they are, Trainer Chris.