New Starbucks Cups

Phil Welch, Editor-In-Chief

     The first holiday cups came out in 1997, making this year the 20th anniversary. Through the years these cups have obtained a colorful history. Everyone thinks of these cups of always being red, but the first two cups that came out in 1997 and 1998 were more of a magenta color. In 2015, the cup didn’t feature any image, it was plain red. Many people didn’t like it, claiming it didn’t fit that Christmas spirit. Just last year Starbucks chose 13 different customer created designs for the cup. Now this year, Starbucks is featuring its first white holiday cup. The cup has designs of different Christmas things like presents and snowflakes. To top it all off there’s a red ribbon wrapping around the whole cup.

     Starbucks has just recently announced that they will unveil a second holiday cup. This cup will be red a feature hands holding a white heart in the center of the cup. Starbucks says that they want customers to write the name of someone in the heart “to recognize those who fill their heart and embody goodness this holiday season.” Both of the cups were designed by Jordan Kay of the Starbucks Creative Studio.