Big Brother/Big Sister Program


Mrs. Lake

Four big sisters (Trixie Pedres, Izzie Hernandez, Noelle Dela Cruz, and Daniela Sandoval) with their freshmen little brothers and sisters helping out at freshmen orientation.

The Big Brother/Big Sister program is a program here at St. Eds that is run by Mrs. Frasor, with the assistance of Mrs. Szumski. The purpose of this program is to help create and acknowledge that sense of community we have here at the school for the incoming freshmen. The sophomores, juniors, and seniors are a huge part to this program. They help guide and mentor freshmen through their high school experience. Their purpose  is to offer ongoing support to the freshmen. They also help with other activities that happen in the school such as freshmen orientation, open house, 6th grade visits, and 8th grade visits.

Students can apply to be a big brother or big sister via email. An email is sent out by Mrs. Frasor that goes out to all students during the summer or spring time. There will be an application sent out during the spring time to apply if you’re interested. To be a big brother or big sister you need to have leadership qualities, be comfortable with speaking and engaging with other students, and you have to be willing to put in time and effort that is required. Meetings usually take place twice a month on Mondays after school, when Mrs. Frasor has time. She sends out an email if there is a meeting.

The school has always had a Big Brother/Big Sister program, but it was not as active the past couple of years. That changed when we got two awesome and new counselors. For the 2017-2018 school year, Mrs. Frasor is making sure that this program is very active in helping students. This program means a lot to her. Mrs. Frasor said, “This program means more from students than the staff with the kids. It is a great opportunity to develop leadership skills that you might need in college or that you might need in life in general. It’s also very great if you enjoy helping others.”