Striking Out the Competition


Sarah Hayward

The 2017-18 boys and girls bowling teams.

Bowling is one of the most underrated sports at St. Ed’s. Not many people know the work that goes into making this a successful team. This year we have both girls and boys bowling teams. The boys team is coached by Mr. Wunderlich. The girls team is coached by Mr. Snow and assisted by Mr. Anastacio, better known at St. Ed’s as “Mr. A”.

The boys team is taking off this year! They have 22 members on the team. Home matches are hosted at Elgin Lanes, just ten minutes from school. The season is 14 weeks long and ends on Jan. 27. This season, there are a total of six seniors; some who have never bowled before. Senior Adam Davis said, “We look good this year. Started off strong with a 1-0 as our first match, winning by over a hundred pins. We seem to have a lot of depth and strength and I am looking forward to potentially a very successful bowling season”.

The girls team has seven members. Like the boys, the girls home matches are hosted at Elgin Lanes. Their regular season ends Jan. 23, followed up by the regional match (TBA). The girls senior night is scheduled for Jan. 17. This night recognizes the senior members of the team and how much they have achieved at their time at St. Ed’s. Emma Olson and Tiffany Keokanlaya are two of the first 4 year bowlers in a long time at St. Edward. Junior Katy Davidson is leading the team this year with too many strikes to count! Bowling matches can last anywhere from 90-120 minutes so make sure to grab some snacks and show some support for your fellow Green Wave bowlers!