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Madalynn Duffy

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Madalynn Duffy

(From left) Lauren Biggins, Katie Sohoov, and Madison Knott. The students created these non-objective designs using ink on watercolor in advanced Art (Art III).

There are six art classes offered at St. Edward. Art I is open to all students who wish to take an art class. Art II (Intermediate Art), Art III (Advanced Art) and Studio Art (Honors Art) are all gradual classes. Dark Room Photography and Digital Imaging are also offered. These classes are open to sophomores, juniors and seniors.

“The basic run down of the four art classes is that we do drawing, painting, and 3D design work. In photography you learn how to work a camera other than the camera on your phone and digital imaging we play around with photo shop,” said Ms. Richmond, head of the art department.

One student that enjoys art is junior, Lauren Biggins. “I’ve always loved art. Ever since I was a kid I have been drawn towards it. I took art to further my skills and learn more about it!”

Art offers students a chance to think outside the traditional classroom. When it comes to art, Ms. Richmond wants students to know that we have more talent than we think. We can not be afraid to step out of our comfort zone and learn to draw or paint.

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced artist or simply interested in learning to draw or paint, consider taking an art class next year. If you’re not interested in drawing, a good class would be photography and digital imaging. Art classes are a chance to get out of the traditional classroom and get into a class that allows you be creative in your own way!