Sweet Surprise


Benjamin Harrington, Reporter

Culinary Arts, more commonly known as Foods, has to be the class here at St. Edward. The home economics classes are taught by the St. Gregory the Great award winner, Mrs. Tabbert. Mrs. Tabbert, more commonly known by her students as Mrs. Tabby, teaches; Clothing, Child Development, and Foods. The Foods classes are busy traveling the culinary world day in and day out cooking and baking a variety of appetizers, entrees, and desserts.

Foods is primarily a senior class elective. With the new school schedule, you can take Foods and still have an Academic Enrichment period.The class takes place in the kitchen, down near the locker rooms and the band room. Down in the kitchen, senior Yssa Sto. Domingo said, “The best appetizers we have made were definitely the quesadillas and mozzarella bread.” The Foods students have also created appetizers like: ranch buffalo dip, sunflower bread, and cheese stars. Some of the school favorite desserts the class has made so far are: Johnny Green Wave cookies, Apple pizza, and Banana’s foster. Senior Chas Migut, a Culinary Arts student, said “I really enjoyed making the Apple pizzas we made. They were so simple to put together and tasted so good.“

Everyday when you arrive to class, you need to wash your hands and put your apron on so you are ready to cook. Next you are expected to look at your equipment sheet and grab all the materials so you don’t have to waste anytime while you are cooking. Mrs. Tabbert walks you through every step of the lab and helps you while you are preparing your meal. Mrs. Tabbert always has something prepared for the class whether it’s cooking or teaching what the cooking tools are and what they are used for.

Cooking takes a lot of patience and precision. Along with learning how to make food from scratch, you start to appreciate cooking and the real joy it brings people. This would be a great elective for any St. Edward student because they learn the basics of cooking, which you will need for the rest of your life. “Every day Mrs. Tabby makes class so fun and you can tell how much she cares about all of her students.” said Sto. Domingo. Mrs. Tabbert does a fantastic job making class fun and entertaining to all of her students, when you get a chance your senior year, take Foods!