Top 5 Favorite Twin Day Costumes!

Carson Scarnegie , Reporter

Homecoming week is a time of joy, fun, and it’s a time to be creative! On Tuesday, September 26 the St. Edward students participated St. Edward students participated in Twin Day. Some of the costumes are super creative, funny, and awesome! Here are some of thesome of thebest costumes of the Homecoming Week Twin Day for the St. Edward student body:


  1. Lady Bugs

These two lady bugs earned a spot in the top 5 because of the creativity and effort put into these costumes. Seniors Mary Kelly and Kailey Wood rocked these costumes, and everyone loved them!


  1. Skittles Squad

This group of senior girls had a great, simple idea, that everyone got a kick out of! Noelle Delacruz, Natalea Leon, Taylor Gredzieleski, Yssa Sto. Domingo, and Jordan Mattas brought a smile to everyone’s face with a simple, awesome idea!


  1. Cher and Dionne from Clueless

These costumes were spot-on! This costume got the girls lots of attention. Isabel Warner and Jilian Rolando definitely deserved a spot in the top five because of their super accurate costumes, and their passion for the movie was an awesome thing to see! They even got 3rd place in the best twin costumes contest judged by the staff!


  1. The Spidermen

A group of three boys dressed up as their favorite hero: Spider-Man. All with matching spidey onesies, Mark Chammany, Peter Cholewa, and Zach Olenek brought a lot of laughter to people’s days as they trotted around the school from class to class. These humorous Spidermen deserved a spot in the top five list because of their overall goofiness, and energy that they brought to Twin Day!


  1. Jewel Brothers

These two students, Marc Stasinski and Max Macordes dressed up in their Jewel employee uniforms! With such a great and easy idea, they won 2nd place in the twin costumes contest judged by the staff! This idea deserved a spot in the top five list because of the funniness they displayed!


The 1st place winners for the St. Edward Twin Day contest were Jayda Jefferson and Isabella Hernandez. The girls dressed up as Wayne and Garth from Wayne’s World! They were voted the best costume by the faculty and staff of St. Edward.