The Do’s and Dont’s of Homecoming Proposals


Madison Knott

Will Gaston asks Noelle Dela Cruz to Homecoming with giant Dum-Dum.

Peter Cholewa, Reporter

As the homecoming dance approaches, the halls of St. Edward fill with excitement of hall
decorations, powder puff, and homecoming proposals. The proposals however, receive most of
the attention because of the joy and sometimes grief they bring to the student body.

Top 5 Memorable Homecoming Proposals
5. Good and O’l Fashioned
Sometimes signs and balloons can be a little much. In the fall of 2016 Max Marquez
asked fellow freshman Rachel Martini with a more traditional approach.  One day during
school Max sees Rachel and they say hello to one another. Max then says “Would you like to go to
Homecoming with me?” Rachel replies “yes” and the rest is history.
4. Shine Bright
Senior Year Homecoming proposals are always good and this one was not an
exception. In the fall of 2015, Albert Lopez asked then Junior Kiana Horn to Homecoming with
a very bright idea. Albert went to Kiana’s house and shined his headlights into her bedroom
window. She opened the window to see Albert standing in the driveway with a sign that read,
“Shine bright like a diamond at Hoco with me” and to top the proposal off, Albert had the song “Diamonds”
playing in the background.
3. Dum-Dum
In the fall of 2015 Will Gaston used a wonderful play on words to ask fellow sophomore
Noelle Dela Cruz to the 2015 Homecoming dance. Will knew that Noelle was volunteering
downtown Elgin for an Art Festival, and he also knew that she was going to need a ride home
when she was done. Will waited outside for her to be done and when she came out to look for
her ride, Will was standing there with a large Dum-Dum sucker made out of other Dum-Dum
suckers with a sign that said “I’d be a Dum-Dum if I didn’t go to Homecoming with you!!”.
2. The Podium
Coach Brieger’s Podium is a staple in the history of St. Edwards, it holds many stories and memories. One of these memories is a Homecoming proposal from the fall of 2009. Class of 2010 graduate Jim Cholewa was asking fellow Senior Kristi Knott. The story goes that Kristi knew Jim was going to ask her to Homecoming, but she did not know when. As the dance got closer Kristi grew more and more anxious for Jim to ask her. Jim knowing that
Kristi was dying to be asked, had his teammates on the soccer team all ask her individually.
Every class period a soccer player would come in to the room and say “Kristi, will you go to
Homecoming with me?” This went on all day, and Kristi had to say no to each one of the these
kids. The story ends when at the end of the day Jim arrives at Kristi’s house with flowers, and
when she answers the door he asks her “Kristi will you got to Homcoming with me?” The story
of this proposal can be remembered by looking at Coach Briegers Podium where you will see
the legendary phrase written.
1. Sweet Tooth
In the fall of 2010 Luke Duffy asked Burlington Central Junior Kaitlyn O’Riley to
Homecoming by gluing hundreds of Swedish Fish to her car. When she arrived at her car Luke was standing there with a sign that said, “Out of all the fish in the sea will you go to
Homecoming with me?” This proposal was especially memorable because of the diligence it
took to glue each candy to the car.
Top 5 Do Not’s of Homecoming Proposals.
5. Social Media
Never ask your date over social media, Homecoming proposals need to grasp
someone’s attention and show real emotion.
4. Beginning of the day
It’s natural for people to be tired in the morning. Asking your date in the morning takes out excitement, plus if you ask at the end of the day you have suspense, which creates an even better proposal.
3. Day Before
Never ask your date the night before the dance. It creates added stress that no one
wants to deal with.
2. Audience is Key
You must understand if your date enjoys or dislikes crowds. If they are not a fan of
attention, don’t ask them at an assembly or in front of everyone in the hallway.
1. Bathrooms
Although it may seem obvious never ask your date in the bathroom. Yes, sadly it has occurred in the past.