Let’s meet Mrs. Szumski!

Madalynn Duffy , Managing Editor

One of the many new faces here at St. Edward is Mrs. Szumski! Mrs. Szumski, graduated from Maine East high school and attended National Louis University were she mastered in school counseling and mental health counseling.

Working with children with mental disabilities, as well as high school students has always been something Mrs. Szumski has loved to do. “I love working with kids in general. You guys are just interesting, the way you guys think and process things. It’s just such an exciting time in life!”

Last year, Mrs. Szumski interned at Main West high school. Maine West’s enrollment is a little over 2,000 students. The communities are very different between both schools, but Mrs. Szumski is ready to start her journey here at St. Ed’s and make an difference. “I’m ready to make an impact and make sure you guys are getting that whole piece from a counselor. It’s not just the college piece, it’s the helping you pick out your classes or helping you socially or emotionally, so if you are having anxiety or stress about something you know that our doors are always open.”

Mrs. Szumski will be working with the students whose last names start with K-Z. If you have any questions stop by the students services office, where her door is always open!

We welcome Mrs. Szumski and wish her for a good school year and many more to come!