Tensions Rise with North Korea



Kim Jong Un inspects what is believed to be a hydrogen bomb.

Phil Welch, Editor-In-Chief

The current conflict with North Korea is leaving people startled and the issue isn’t slowing down. North Korea has been testing their arsenal and recently tested what is believed to be a hydrogen bomb, their biggest yet. It was the country’s sixth nuclear test and it caused a 5.7 magnitude tremor that was felt throughout the region.

After the test, President Trump tweeted, “North Korea has conducted a major nuclear test. Their words and actions continue to be very hostile and dangerous to the United States.” The U.S., China and other nations immediately condemned this action.

This test came after the North launched a missile over Japan last Tuesday. This prompted Japan to issue a safety warning to the  citizens of Hokkaido to take cover. U.S. and South Korean forces engaged in training exercises in Hokkaid before the test was conducted. North Korea takes these training exercises as a threat, therefore they responded by launching a missile.

With the rising tensions with North Korea, we still are unsure of what’s next to come. It’s a game of push and shove, and hopefully it doesn’t get out of hand. President Trump said that “all options are on the table” in regards to what the next move would be for the U.S.