Tips for a Succesful Freshman Year


Angelina Monsivais and Samantha Ottinger

Mr. Bimmerle’s second period pre-chemistry classroom.

Making the transition from middle school to high school can be an exciting and intimidating process. For most newcomers, high school  is larger. You are in a bigger pond with new fish, most who you don’t even know.  For others, the setting might be similar. Regardless, the academics are more challenging and expectations for students are higher.

Your freshman year will mark the beginning of a new journey in which you will make new friends and broaden your academic knowledge. Hopefully, the end of your journey will lead you to a good college education. Some survival tips for freshman year include:

You will not regret studying.

There will be times during the year that people will throw parties. The only problem is there is a test the next day and you only have one shot at the test. Study for the test! The grades you make your freshman year are very important and will help you get into a good college. Junior Erin Kremer said, “Your freshman year sets the tone for what the rest of your high school career will be like, so you want to start with your best foot forward!”

Don’t be scared to approach new people and make friends.

All freshmen are in the same awkward position of not knowing a lot of people. You’re going to want to expand your social circle by joining clubs or playing sports. If someone seems lonely, or even interesting, say hi! Most people won’t bite! Be outgoing and make new friends to have a good high school experience!

Try to sit in the front of the class.

Teachers love when they see students pay attention in class. It shows that you care about your grades and want to excel in school. Sitting in the back makes it easy to hide, not pay attention or stay involved in class. Most teachers can tell when you are engrossed in their class and many times they will take it personally. Ask questions! Pay attention! It will help your grades.

Don’t skip classes.

When, or if, you skip classes it can seriously affect you. Missing class means you miss all the notes, lectures, and homework from that day. This information could be vital for an upcoming test or quiz. No amount of copying notes will help you understand unless you are actually in class learning directly from the teacher.

You’ll be so different by the end of the year.

Freshmen year may feel like a drag right now, but it goes by quickly. As you join clubs, sports, and meet new people, you will feel yourself become part of a “family”.   It will feel like forever, but when you look back you will realize how naïve and inexperienced you were. It’ll be hard at first. It might feel like life is falling apart and teachers are against you, but they aren’t. Upperclassman and staff are all around you, cheering and rooting for you to be successful and to have a good high school experience.