Senior wills 2017


The Pony Express

Senior wills! Class of 2017.

Taylor Schueler
To Madison Knott, I leave you my motherly duties on the volleyball team. Don’t disappoint.
To Taylor Gredzieleski, I leave you my bench seat on the basketball team.
To Dominic Spzila, I leave you my glasses.
To Brianna Lopez, I leave you my dancing skills. Represent it well.
To Hailey Niehaus, I leave you with the letter “L” on my forehead.

J.P. Pagulayan
To Sophia Heneghan, I give you my passion and intellect.
To Bill Skog, I give you my rapping skills.
To my psychology juniors, I give you my organization skills.

Ellie Treiber
To Gaby DeWindt, I leave my amazing art skill with you. NO COMPLAINING anymore.
To Ashley Treiber, I leave my last name and friendliness in your hands.

Cecilia Kochanek
To Taylor Gredzieleski, I give you the soccer team, good luck.
To Madalynn Duffy, help Taylor and keep her from yelling at everyone; good luck.
To AJ Franklin, I leave you the privilege of being the official driver (even though you’re only driving Aidan).

Nolan Theriault
To Dylan Morawski, I leave you Seńor Wunderlich and Pizza Math.

Michael Spaccaferro
To David Hill, I leave you my artistic ability.
To Tom Reeder, I leave you to carry on the bowling legacy.

Jackie Boydston
To Jake Frey, I leave my hilarious jokes because I’m so funny.
To Ben Boydston, I leave you Jake Frey.

Ethan Doran
To Alex Burton, I leave the keys to my GT Mustang Convertible, so long as he does not get those stupid flames on the sides.
To Maddie Whitworth, I leave my weaves.­
To Tom Reeder, I leave a tub of Skippy’s Peanut Butter.
To Josh Martell, I leave a pack of Extra peppermint gum.

Katie Castoro
To Haley Niehaus, I leave you all my love.
To Mackenzie W. and Taylor G., I leave my abilities and strength to do makeup and hair for every game.
To David Hill, I leave you my subpar basketball skills.

Ian McDowell
To Henry Herrero, I leave my senior roll as a tenor.
To Evelina Hartke, I leave the stage.
To Tommy and Andy, I leave the memes.
To Carson, I leave my flawless coding.

Isaac Nordon
To Mikey, I give you my car keys.

Eric Stepanovic
To Taylor Gredzieleski, I leave you a new ankle.
To David Cozzi, I leave you the golf team.
To Max Mercordes and Collan O’Nieil, me and Andrew give you Pod B.

Ava Matsas
To Duffy, I leave you in charge of the soccer team.
To Gaby D, I love you, have a great rest of high school.
To Madison and Taylor, good luck with the soccer team.

Ashley Soto
To Brandon Soto, I leave all my detention slips.
To Brieger, I leave my clear nose rings.
To Mr. Snow, I leave my crime scene narrative that he didn’t accept.
To Elizabeth Moreno and Preston Reeves, I leave my pettiness.
To Jayda Jefferson, I leave nothing, because she’s already perfect.

Sam Reedy
To Ben Harrington, to you I leave the sock of discipline; Use it often and use it well.
To Mr. Godinez, I leave staples, tape, and various other office supplies I’ve wasted in your class.

Dominique Washington
To Madison Knott, I give you the honor of playing music before every home volleyball game and on every bus ride.
To Peter Cholewa, I leave you the position of being TC’s favorite student and visiting him every day.
To Brianna Lopez, I leave you my skittles; Don’t eat them all at once.

Charlie Canning
To Henry Herrero, Jimmy H, and Mark Chammany, I give you the rhythm section; lead it with honor, wisdom, and justice.
To Tom Reeder and Josh Johanson, I give you my good looks, charming wit, and immeasurable talent.
To Maya Quartetti, I give you my Spotify playlist to play at an obnoxious volume for all to hear.
To Isabelle Reedy, I leave you memories of when we saw Rogue One without Maya.

Mathias Mapes
To Meghan Driskell, I give you my parking space (Space 32); make sure that you love that space like I’ve loved it.

Ethan Enright
To Brandon Soto, I give you my Naruto headband and my ninja skills.
To Daniel Parks, I give you my belly putter.
To Michael Azar, I give you my double bogeys.

Sebastian Mozdzen
To Izzy, I grant everything bestowed upon me by Mayar.

Kyle Brown
To Max Marquez, I leave you the tennis team. Run wild, run free.
To Sophia Heneghan and Andy Bibler, I gift you my math genius.
To Maya Quartetti, I grant thee my baller-ness.

Mayar Azar
To Will Gaston and AJ Franklin, I leave you my walking ability.
To Michael Azar, I leave you my dictatorship.
To Sebastian, I grant everything bestowed upon me by Izzy.

Izzy Nottolini
To AJ Franklin, I leave my amazing soccer skills and the talent to hit upper 90’s whenever.
To Bill Skog, I leave my TOTAL AWARENESS of what is happening in the musical.
To Coach Aydt: I leave you with the responsibility to continue the day counter for Vegas. I also give you my insane basketball skills.
To Mr. Brieger, I leave you with the memory of Izzica Stongalini.
To Mayar, I leave you everything bestowed upon me by Sebastian.

Erica Strong
To Brieger, I second Izzy’s will.
To the cross country/ track teams, have fun and try not to make Beckett and Olenek mad!
To Marae and Lauren, try not to go on your 20 mile walks and make everyone wait for you at the end of practice

Kyle Brown and Cec Kochanek – Co-editors in Chief
To Yssa and Phil – We leave you, with love, The Edge – take care of it!