Whats up with Trump?: New administration takes charge

Phil Welch, Reporter

In the Trump administration’s first 63 days of office, they managed to accomplish a lot and spared no time. In fact, he managed to sign 17 executive orders in his 63 days in office. He made some people happy, mad, and flustered others. His “America First” political mindset has been at the center of debates. It’s been a roller coaster of emotions on each side of the arguments. It might seem like all we hear about is executive orders and his tweets, but there’s more to this Presidency than that.
After President Trump’s official inauguration January 20, he got to work. He signed an executive order that advanced the repeal of the Affordable Care Act. He also signed a wavier stating that his nominee for Security of Defense, General Jim Mattis, would be able to serve. After those two major documents were signed the celebrations continued as normal. Trump however, did not do everything he said he was going to do on his first day. He left some areas untouched, like immigration and labeling China as a currency manipulator.
After his joint address to Congress on February 28th, many cheered for him, including democrats. Some polls suggested people had more confidence in the new president and it sounded like he had a plan after the address. The stock markets soared. Fortune reported that the market gained $724 billion in only one day.

President Trump signs one of the 17 executive orders.

There have been many scandals in the last month regarding the Trump campaign. The main accusation is that Russia launched an illegal operation to prevent democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton from winning office. The investigation is ongoing, but evidence does point to Russia having ties to the campaign. A former Trump adviser and now resigned national security adviser, Michael Flynn admitted he was paid $65,000 with companies that had ties to Russia. In fact, one company had connections to a Russian intelligence company.
The latest scandal in the Trump presidency was an alleged wire tapping into Trump Tower. President Trump accused former President Barack Obama of spying on him during the election. He tweeted the accusation on March 6th. The accusation was diminished after FBI Director James Comey testified in front of a House Intelligence Committee on Monday. “

I have no information that supports those tweets.

— James Comey

It’s been a very busy couple of months as the Trump Administration takes over the White House. Trump has vowed to replace the Affordable Care Act next and has also discussed the issue with
tax reform.