Green Machine’s Legacy Goes On


Mrs. Woj

Green machine student section throwing up baby powder in celebration at the first football game.

Haley Biggins, Reporter

The St. Edward Green Machine has done an outstanding job this 2016-17 school year by participating at all of the sporting events. The members have made it through the cold Friday nights of football to the packed gym for volleyball and basketball, but will Green Machine keep up it’s great attendance for the spring sports?

Senior Mayar Azar, the president of Green Machine, had some great information to recap the winter sports season, and also added some hopeful words for the season of spring sports. “I have been very proud of the school spirit among all students,” Azar stated. “I was very impressed with the turnouts, especially for the girls basketball team at state.” Azar expressed that he was very hopeful for the turnouts at the spring sporting events. “It’s not over yet,” he added.
Senior Green Machine member Peter Virgilio commented, “To raise awareness we need people to follow Green Machine’s Twitter account. Letting the underclassmen know about the games is important, especially because the senior class this year is so small.” Virgilio says Green Machine plans to attend at least one baseball and softball game, as well as a track meet. He also added, “The girls soccer team always performs well, and we plan on attending the games as much as possible.” Virgilio says Green Machine is planning to make all of the senior night games, as well.
Listen to the morning and afternoon announcements for Green Machine events, follow the Green Machine Twitter account @greenmachinee and most importantly, go Wave!!