Lady Wave Basketball – A Player’s Perspective

Yssa Sto. Domingo, Reporter

Team chemistry takes a major role into how successful the LadyWave basketball has been. Since the beginning of the season, Coach Michelle Dawson could see the excitement in the players with the upcoming season. Being a junior and team captain this year, I learned how to play with the loss of our 6’3″ post player, CeCe Rapp (2015 graduate). I have developed the role I partake in the team. Every team has a team player and that is a role I am best at. Meaning that there will be players on teams that score more than others, rebound more, corresponding with all the other stats that are recorded by our manager, which also means that there is a player who makes the extra pass and sees the whole court. Team players get excited about when they help the team, as a whole, score rather than themselves. We give up our shot for the person who is wide open. Where there is a will, there’s a way. We play to better the team. As my journey of a varsity LadyWave basketball player continues, I learn that size does matter, but it doesn’t win games. While going into the season, realizing our strengths and weaknesses, we developed this team chemistry that has brought us to the success of having a 12 game winning streak, getting first place in the annual Lisle High School Christmas tournament after seven years, and currently being undefeated in the Metro Suburban conference. Along with winning the Lisle tournament, two teammates and I received an award. One “MVP Tournament Player” , Maddie Spagnola, and two “all tournament team”, Yssa Sto. Domingo and Katie Castoro. Coincidentally, we are all team captains.

Things like this don’t come easy, everything starts with a strong team bond and our work ethic. We do everything as a team, whether it’s at games or just hanging out on the weekends. Coach Dawson has been extremely active in making sure our team chemistry is strong. A fun thing that we do as a team that has really helped our team bond is our talk of the day. Starting on Monday, and finishing by Saturday, we gather as a team either before, during, or after practice and mention something based on the topic of the day. For example, Monday is Open Mic Monday. We discuss anything regarding the team, whether it be the issues or game information. Tuesday is Terrific Tuesday. We mention something that we think is terrific. Wednesday is Wishful Wednesday. We each say something that we are wishing for.  Thursday is Thankful Thursday. We each say something that we are very thankful for. Friday is my personal favorite, Fun Fact Friday. Each of us have to have a new and interesting fact about anything and share it with the team. Saturday is Super Saturday. We all talk about something that happened that was super fun or exciting. In doing all of these talks, we grow together and form a stronger bond. We learn so much about each other, and that is why our team is so successful.

Playing any high school sport isn’t easy. You develop time management skills,your friends turn into “family”, and an experience that is unforgettable. You work hard every day, remembering why you are in the sport  – coming to the conclusion that it’s fun, it is something you’re passionate about, something you are titled as. And if you’re lucky, it could carry on into the next chapters of your life. Your level of skill can only improve. There’s no other team I’d rather spend all year round with. Truly a path worth crossing in my journey of life.