Your Guide to Mastering Finals

Isabel Belcher, Reporter

All of us have experienced the stress, procrastination, and pressure finals week brings. Mastering your personal skills for studying can take months, or years and are constantly improving. The best way to get through finals week is to stay well-rested, manage your time, and study in advance for your tests. Studying for tests will not end after high school for most students, so developing test-taking techniques and study skills is very important.

According to the Dartmouth Academic Skills Center, the best way to study is in 20-50 minute increments with 5 to 10 minute breaks in between. Also, base the amount of time you study on how difficult you expect the exam to be and how well you already know the material, instead of putting in equal time for all your tests. The atmosphere of your study space is very important. Work at a table so you can spread out your papers and books in front of you, this will also help you stay focused as opposed to lying in bed and being distracted.

Some of the best advice can come from students who have gone through this multiple times. Senior Andrew Shepley said, “Bring a snack and a bottle of water for passing periods. Prepare ahead of time, however, during the week of finals only study for the tests you have the next day. Studying for tests more than a day away only causes unnecessary stress.”

Senior Mayar Azar added, “The main part of it is your time management. Do not procrastinate until the last day. Do not overthink the difficulty of the test, it is just another test.”

Remember that part of the atmosphere of where they study also includes who is around you. Some people may like studying by themselves quietly, or others may like studying with friends to quiz each other and compare notes.

Junior Bells Uscilla tells us her preference, “I do not like to study with friends; I never get anything done. You should also do your best to collect your tests and quizzes from past quarters to study from.”

Everyone has their own preference on how they like to study, but it is very helpful to add more test-taking techniques to your strategies. With finals coming up it will help you to be more stress-free and avoid procrastination with these study and test-taking techniques.