Christmas is back at Starbucks


Fox News

Seven of the thirteen holiday cup designs.

Phil Welch, Reporter

As many of you fellow Starbucks goers know, there was a lot of controversy around last years “holiday” cups. The cups featured a plain red body with the logo in the middle. Starbucks said the reason for it was that people thought it was offensive that Christmas was depicted on the cups. When Starbucks announced this last year people took to their artistic side to combat the problem. People from all over the world came up with their own designs and shared them on social media. This year Starbucks took these ideas and actually put the designs on the cups. Starbucks took thirteen different designs from women from six different countries and featured them on the cup.  Some of these designs are a snowflake, a moose, Christmas lights and many more but you’ll have to go to a Starbucks and order your favorite hot drink to find out!