Breaking Records with Ease


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Breaking Records at Ease


The Golden State Warriors had huge expectations for the 2015-2016 regular season after winning the title last season. Their head coach, Steve Kerr, had major back surgeries all summer long, and took a rest for the beginning of the season. Assistant Coach, Luke Walton, lead the team off to a breaking record start, 24-0. This hot start showcased the great season the Warriors were bound to have.

The Warriors this season made it seem easy to break some of the toughest NBA records. Their great start broke the 131-year-old record of 20-0 start between all major professional sports in America. After losing to the Milwaukee Bucks on December 12, 2015, the Warriors bounced right back. They managed to only lose three more games before the All-Star Break, having a record of 48-4. This record led many people to think that this team might be able to break the Chicago Bulls 95-96 regular season record, 72-10.

Coming back from All-Star break, the Warriors took a huge loss to the Portland Trailbrazers by 32 points. This gave them their fifth loss, but many still believed they would be able to break the regular season record. They continued their fantastic season, until they hit a rock when it came to the San Antonio Spurs and the L. A. Lakers. Losing to the Lakers who were below .200, was the first time a team who was over .900 took a loss in NBA history. These were two huge losses, especially with 13 important games remaining. The Warriors had a tough schedule ahead, seeing the Spurs and the Memphis Grizzles two more times. Neither of those teams gave them a problem, it was two underdogs in their schedule that did. Before meeting the Boston Celtics on April 1st, the Warriors held the record of 54-straight regular season home wins, which they beat the Bulls’ 95-96 record of 44. The Celtics were down big at halftime, but came back and gave the Warriors their first loss at home. Another astonishing loss at home was served to them against the Minnesota Timberwolves on April 5th. This gave the Warriors a 69-9 record, giving them no room to lose anymore games.

The Warriors proved all the critics wrong. Defeating the Spurs twice, ruining their regular season home record, and Memphis twice. The league’s MVP, Stephen Curry, proved that he is MVP for a reason. Last year he broke the NBA record for most three-pointers in a season, setting the record at 286. This season he managed to break that record and make an incredible 402 three-pointers, shooting 45% from the arch. He also broke Kyle Korver’s record of 127 consecutive games making a single three pointer; he is still setting that record throughout the playoffs. Curry has the chance to be in the discussion of the most improved player. He has the largest PPG increase, 6.3 more PPG, by any reigning MVP in NBA history. This season he had a higher field goal percentage in both two and three point range.

Curry wasn’t the only one to break a lot of records. The Warriors were able to set the NBA record for the regular season, finishing with a 73-9 record. They are also the only team in NBA history to never lose back to back, which is an impressive accomplishment. The other amazing thing they were able to accomplish is winning 38 road games; no team has done that before.

All these amazing records the Warriors have been able to set is great, but all that matters to them is bringing home a championship. They start their payoff run in the Western Conference against the Houston Rockets.

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