The Problem with iPhones


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iPhone 7 concept art.

Shannon May, Reporter

Is it true? Is the new iPhone 7 really going to come without a headphone jack?

Rumors have been swirling that in order for the phone to be slimmer, the 3.5 mm jack will be removed and Apple will unveil their thinnest phone ever. These rumors have gathered more momentum as we get closer to the possible release date of September 2016, and everyone is putting in their two cents. Experts speculate the iPhone 7 will probably drop 6 mm to 6.5 mm thick, and instead of the headphone jack being removed, battery life will probably take a hit with the slimmer design. People are already worried that this rumor could be the new reality, and more than 200,000 people have signed a petition to try and get the headphone jack to stay. Others say this is a good move which could result in more innovative technology, even slimmer phones, and bigger screens with better quality.

In my opinion, iPhone is removing the headphone jack to make a few extra bucks. Having to buy wireless headphone helps them with business (they endorse wireless Beats by Dr. Dre and also have their own brand of wireless headphones); wireless headphones can get pretty pricey, especially when going with name brands. Unless the iPhone 7 comes with a set of wireless headphones, it’s not the best move to remove the headphone jack.

Apple is staying silent on this issue, which is a good business move for them. Apple stocks have been dropping steadily since March of 2015 and this new iPhone could bring a spike of new investors or people just wanting to get in on a new and improved technology. Even if the stocks don’t improve for them, the rumors still stir controversy; when people talk about Apple, new business is generated for them.

All headphone jack rumors aside, the iPhone 7 is projected to be released in September 2016. But a new rumor kicked up from a “reliable source” says the release is going to be sooner. The iPhone will be all metal, possibly incorporating water and dust resistant elements into its design. A new tech called “Pixel Eyes” could hopefully be integrated, making using the screen with wet fingers a lot easier. Apple is also reportedly removing buttons as well. All these changes will probably help iPhone stay one of the dominant smartphone providers, but if the headphone jack goes, it’s possible iPhone’s sales may take a dip.