Profile of an Actor: Marcus Jazwiec


Ms. Jazwiec

Seniors Demarco Scarnegie and Marcus Jazwiec in “Greek Mythology Olympiaganza”

Kyle Brown, Editor

Whether it was yelling at his son, flirting with the ladies, or just doing “king” things, Marcus Jazwiec was one of the stars of the St. Edward 2015 Fall play. He was Zeus, king of the Greek gods and a notorious ladies man. Marcus is a senior who just finished his third St. Edward production.

Jazwiec has performed in “Vintage Hitchcock,” “Peter Pan,” and the recent “Greek Mythology Olympiaganza.” When asked which of those were his favorite he chose “Greek Mythology Olympiaganza” because it was witty and energetic. He also enjoyed his role as Zeus because it allowed him to make jokes at the expense of Hercules and random people in the crowd.

When Marcus isn’t chowing down on some flank steak or jamming out to classic rock (two of his favorite things), he is participating in German club. Also, when the Spring rolls around he is out on the tennis court raining down slams on his opponents like he reigned down on the other Greeks in the play.

Marcus has a peculiar way of memorizing lines. He says that he reads his lines as if they are the last lines he would ever read. This helps with getting enough emotion across to the audience as well as with memorization. So while it may be a little unorthodox, it is a very good tip for aspiring actors.

Marcus has picked up a lot of experience from his three St. Edward productions. He has also acknowledges that being an actor isn’t always easy, saying the hardest part was, “The fact that you have to watch yourself. You constantly need to read the audience’s interpretations and adjust based on that.”  He advises the new theatre members to “take advantage of the distraction the play offers” and most of all, to have fun. ZEUS OUT.